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Under The Bridge

The Under the Bridge program was founded in 1988 by Ellen Ott and Larry Cooke. Since that beginning either Ellen or Larry, usually both have served home cooked meals to up to 175 homeless people every Sunday. No questions are asked of any of the hungry. No one asks them how they came to be where they are. We just welcome them to our communal table and feed them. This is one of those activities that leaves one feeling like one has actually accomplished something rather than just talking about it. There are hungry people living on the streets in San Antonio and we are able to actually alleviate that hunger temporarily. The gratitude in the eyes of these folks and the kind words of thanks from them more than compensates the volunteers for taking what amounts to a few hours out of our busy schedules one day every other month to do something for someone less for.

Who is involved?

The Under the Bridge program co-sponsored by a local group of volunteers and several other organizations is an excellent example of what can be done by a few volunteers with a little money and a little bit of effort. Each is responsible for soliciting donations of food, enlisting volunteers to cook and serve.

Please join us! We are Under the Bridge at 9th and Austin St. 

Bill and Pam Holler

Under the Bridge, Inc.

hm. 210.691.2909
wk. 210.805.0700
e-mail:  billholler@satx.rr.com


Ellen Ott


hm. 210.525.8574
cell.  210.723.8574
e-mail: ellenott@sbcglobal.net